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Run to 2022 – The Company “Happy Run”in 2021 Was Successfully Held Edit Date:2021/12/17

       On 17th December, in order to welcome the New Year 2022, the Labor Union, Youth League Committee of the company and the science park jointly held 2021 “Happy Run” activity. This activity aimed to create an environment with healthy life and happy sports for all employees of the company, to vivify the atmosphere, strengthen communication and exchanges within enterprises in the park, and join hands to welcome the New Year.

       Before the activity, Chen Yiguo, General manager of the park, and Zhu Cheng, Vice general manager of GDE attended made an opening speech. They encouraged the athletes to show their personal style and enterprise appearance in this activity.

       In order to heat up this activity, all departments of the company also made costume demonstration respectively before running.

       At the host’s command, the athletes sprinted out like an “arrow”, and the 2021 “Happy Run” officially started!

       This activity effectively promoted the participation by staff in the park for fitness activities, helped the staff enjoy sports, improve health and exercise will, and at the same time enhanced the emotional communication and interaction among each other, to make a common prospect in 2022!