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Learn History to Hone the Original Heart and Set Out on a New Journey——GDE Organized 2021 New Employee Training Activity Edit Date:2021/12/13

       On 10th December, in order to promote the team building of the company, enable the new employees to get into the new team as soon as possible, and face the upcoming work challenges with a more passionate attitude, the company organized a training activity for new employees with the theme of “Learn History to Hone the Original Heart and Set Out on a New Journey ”. The training activity was divided into indoor and outdoor activities, and about 70 new employees participated in the training.

       In the morning, the company’s human resources department is responsible for the lecturing the training course in the training room, mentioning the briefing and regulations of the company. Lu Junqi, who was the representative of 2020 Outstanding Youth, during training sessions, shared professional experience and communicated with the freshers about working experience and future expectation. After the course, all new employees visited the exhibition hall to have an in-depth understanding of the company’s history and advantageous projects and so forth.

       In the afternoon, on the basis of the training course, the Youth League Committee of the company organized freshers to go to Huangpu Military Academy and Xinhai Revolution Memorial Hall to carry out patriotism education and relevant training activities, with activities Ice-breaking, team knowledge competition and so on.

       Through the one-day training activity, the freshers had got a comprehensive understanding of historical mission and development direction of the company, and further built up the sense of responsibility, mission, patriotism and dedication. They also learned much from each other, and greatly improved the cohesion of the team.